Four scenarios under heavy pressure

Thanks to experts from Bilbao, London, Amsterdam… We will review the following questions:

1 – « Living labs, living tales ? » : the “living lab” concept has progressively gained audience. Today, it covers a broad meaning of “experiment territory”, or “test by users”.
What is lying under the living lab ?
Examples of good practices ?
Can we see real-world living labs having allowed the creation and spreading of innovative services ?
How much does cost a living lab to local powers ?
2 – « Cheap and chic ?»

Some cities, or even some blocks, have benefited from a specific digital economy growth, because of the access of entrepreneurs to low cost real estate opportunities, for instance.
After the testimony from people in charge of the development in East London, we will answer the following questions:
How to take advantage of left-apart blocks in the city and make them attractive to the digital and creative “bohème” ?
How to keep the initial appeal when the majors are coming and the prices are rising ?
How to ensure that social diversity will not disappear ?
How can we maintain coherency despite the various experiences developed in these territories ?
3 – « What’s left after the party ? »

Many cities and regions have extensively promoted the use of digital tools, to disseminate public projects, foster business, highlight their clusters and their local champions. How have these congresses, festivals or meeting been designed ? How do they contribute to the digital growth of the area ? Managers and creators from Paris (Futurs en Seine), Pic Nic (Amsterdam), Gateshead (Thinking Digital) will tell us about the lasting effects of their events .

4 – «Attracting investors, opening opportunities»

Territories have to deal with the attraction of investors, and must ease fund raising, a cost-intensive activity for any rising company. Where must we put the focus on ? How to avoid to ridiculously copy out-of-range models in our contexts ? A landscape of the main startup shows, and perspectives for the future will be shown by an expert having recently benchmarked this subject.

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